With Maryland’s partial reopening this week, we are planning a very careful reopening of our classes starting in mid-June, and Academies starting in Mid-July.

Group classes will be held outdoors beginning the week of June 15th, and Academies will re-start in July with appropriate precautions. We are also implementing Covid-19 Safety Guidelines – students will be required to wear masks, keep social distance, and do appropriate disinfecting while here.

Hope to see you in 2020!!!!

Seminars – (CEUs available)

May 2-3 – Alberta, Canada: Cochrane & Area Humane Society, Positive Solutions for Canine Aggression. Contact:  Phone: (403) 932-2072
Fax: (403) 709-0009  Email: shelter@cochranehumane.ca  CANCELED

June 27-28 – Location to be determined (either Los Angeles area or Minnesota): Puppyworks, Beware of the Dog; Understanding and Treating Canine Aggression.   Contact:  Phone: 917-699-6440, Email: events@puppyworks.com  CANCELED

August 8-9 – Fairfax, Virginia: Puppyworks, Beware of the Dog; Understanding and Treating Canine Aggression. Contact:  Phone: 917-699-6440, Email: events@puppyworks.com CANCELED

September 26-27 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Humane Animal Rescue, Topic to be determined. Contact: Phone: 412-345-7300, Website: https://www.humaneanimalrescue.org/  CANCELED

November 12-15 – Melbourne, Australia Joint APDT-AU and PPG-AU Conference CANCELED


Peaceable Paws’ mission is to foster harmony between the human and non-human animals of our world through dog training and animal behavior consultation services and seminars; consulting services for animal protection organizations; and writings that support and promote a philosophy of respect for life.

Our training methods incorporate a strong commitment to positive reinforcement and reward in place of old-fashioned coercion and use of force.