Peaceable Pastures
We’re not just about dogs… on the Peaceable Pastures side of the farm we are a family-friendly, low-drama horse boarding facility, with lush pastures for your horse, an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, and 80 acres of trails to ride and hike. Check us out!


The Canine Behavior Problem Solvers with PAT MILLER and others.

February 20th, 2021 (Pat’s session)

SESSION 1: EXCITABILITY – Excitable Dogs: Rehabilitating the canine wild child! 



Peaceable Paws’ mission is to foster harmony between the human and non-human animals of our world through dog training and animal behavior consultation services and seminars; consulting services for animal protection organizations; and writings that support and promote a philosophy of respect for life.

Our training methods incorporate a strong commitment to positive reinforcement and reward in place of old-fashioned coercion and use of force.