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Of Protests, Riots… Peonies and Peace

Incredulous, aghast, heartbroken, dumbfounded… first coronavirus, now this. Watching the protests and riots on television takes me back to the 60’s when, as a child, I watched our cities burning. Have we truly come this far… only to have gone nowhere? Maybe not quite. My heart warmed to the photo of the row of white women standing shoulder-to-shoulder, shielding black protesters from the police. And the photo of police officers taking a knee in solidarity with peaceful protesters. We will get through this, too, and hopefully come out better and stronger on the other side. I know that as a […]

A Careful Re-Opening – and… SPRING!!

First – and most important – all of us at Peaceable Paws hope all of you and all of yours are staying safe, sane and well. I feel like we are living in a bad science fiction movie, just waiting for the credits to roll so we can get up and leave. Every day I am struck by how much this has changed – and will continue to change – life as we know it. I am cautiously excited though… with Maryland’s Governor Hogan starting the reopening process last week in our state we are in the in the midst […]

GREAT Day For a Hike!!! and Doggie Nail Files

HIKE!!! It finally got out of the 50’s here in Western Maryland… yesterday and today in the 80’s, YAY, that’s more like it!!!!! Today was a GREAT day for a hike – sunny, nice breeze, so, of course, I had to take the dogs out for a run, and we all had a great time.                   They ran and ran and ran and ran, (Kai gets to go off leash, Sunny stays on a long line), waded in the creek, stopped to smell the flowers and are now both appropriately crashed on […]

Country Living – and Teaching Walk Away!

We’re in the second week of May and wind chill was in the 20’s last night. Seriously??? I might as well be back in Wisconsin!!! But back in the 60’s today, phew! I just got done brushing Mikey (our driving pony), combing out his mane and tail and trimming bridle path – so nice to be standing out in the warm sun!! I hope you are well and staying sane during the shut-in. We are hoping to be able to start up our group classes in June, beginning with outdoor classes… but we’ll see. One day at a time… I must […]

Equine Ponderings, Some Pretty Flowers – and More Training Fun – Back the Truck Up!

Hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well as this coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on our world… I’ve decided that as soon as we are okay to re-open, we need to start with a Fidos on the Farm class so everyone can take their dogs for a good long hike outdoors!!! I have adored horses ever since I was a little girl. I started riding lessons at Red Raider Farms, outside of Cleveland, Ohio (sung on the bus that picked us up to take us to lessons: “I’m Red Raider born and Red Raider bred and when […]

C-mon Spring!

It’s a wet and chilly spring here at PPaws, and it’s putting a damper on getting those farm projects done! I did manage to attack the overgrown boxwoods by our front door yesterday. The Hosta is grateful… And in doing so, found my long-lost turtle statue that I have been looking for! Please note – we have two front doors and two back doors – this is the one on the older part of our pre-Civil War era farm house, and we never use it except to bring our Christmas tree in an out of the house. And when for […]

Coronavirus Crazy Times at Peaceable Paws 7

What better time to resurrect my long-lost blog efforts than during coronavirus self-isolation? I know that many of you are also shut in with your dogs – so you might actually have time to read a blog or two as well!! I realize how fortunate I am to be “stuck” on our 80-acre farm with our dogs and other animals (it’s not like I spend a lot of time on city streets anyway) as opposed to shut up in an apartment somewhere . But Peaceable Paws is completely shut down for now, and I do miss the interaction with my […]

No-Kill Animal Abusers 5

No-Kill Animal Abusers This week a Friend on Facebook posted a link to an animal cruelty case involving a “so-called no-kill” “rescue” organization, the Humane Sanctuary of Kinsman, Ohio, that had (allegedly) badly neglected the animals under its care. On Friday, February 12, 2010 the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County (AWLTC), the county sheriff’s department and other agencies executed a search warrant at this facility and impounded one hundred sixty-two dogs, 18 cats, two horses and multiple fowl and chickens. The woman (not) caring for the animals has been charged with nearly 200 counts of animal cruelty. The photos […]

A Blogger Virgin 2

Well lookee here – I’m actually doing this! It’s exciting to have a place of my very own where I can share thoughts and events on the spur of the moment without worrying about pleasing an editor, thinking up topics a month in advance, or complying with word counts. I’ve procrastinated on this because it feels like a relationship commitment and I don’t want to risk not fulfilling my end of the bargain. And because I had to figure out how this darn blog-thing works – I’m not the most computer-savvy dog trainer. I expect my blogs to run the […]