Dog Respiratory Illness Information

Due to the recent concerns about the respiratory illness affecting dogs in the US (including suspected cases in Maryland) we wanted to direct you to this article from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine contains excellent information and your vet should be able to answer any questions about appropriate precautions for your dog. Please follow your veterinarian’s recommendations.

At Peaceable Paws, we continue to ask that any dogs displaying symptoms of disease do not attend class. We have also increased our biosecurity measures and are disinfecting the floor of the training center between classes, minimizing contact between dogs, and remaining diligent about the risk of fomites (objects such as toys that can potentially transmit germs). If you or your vet are concerned about bringing your dog to class, please reach out so we can determine how best to move forward.

As with any disease, we encourage our clients to avoid places heavy with the traffic of unknown dogs to minimize exposure to illness. These locations often include dog parks, pet stores, boarding facilities, and shelters, or vet offices with large numbers of patients.