Group Classes

Puppy Kindergarten Class

Bring your pup to Peaceable Paws for puppy socialization, play time, cognition games and puppy good manners training. You’ll teach your pup the cue “Sit” as a default behavior (what he’ll do when he isn’t sure what to do), and teach the following behaviors: Down, Come, Walk Away and Polite Leash Walking. Be the first on the block to teach your pup puzzle games, and shape or color discrimination, as well as the awesome game of choice. Learn how to give your pup more cognitive skills and choice in his life and in the process get better voluntary co-operation and build a stronger relationship. It’s a win/win!

$150 for 7 weeks. Each class is 60 minutes. Maximum 6 puppies per class.  Accepting pups from 8 WEEKS up to 20 WEEKS old at registration.

Thursday night class starts at 7:30 pm

Monday night class start sat 6:00 pm

Puppy Kindergarten – Cost: 150.00 Click Here to Register 

Basic Good Manners Class

If you and your dog missed out on Basic Good Manner training, we have good news – it’s not too late! In this class the two of you will learn sit, down, wait, walk away, polite leash walking, and many more that are important for a dog to know in order to be a well-behaved canine citizen. Training improves communication between you and your dog, strengthens your relationship, and increases the odds that he will be a well-loved member of your family for the rest of his life. For dogs and puppies 8 weeks and older.

$150 for 7 weeks. Each class is 60 minutes The first class serves as an orientation and is WITHOUT DOGS.  Maximum 6 dogs per class. 

Thursday night class starts 6:00 pm

Monday Night class starts at 7:30pm

Basic Good Manners Class – Cost $150  Click Here to Register


Fido’s on the Farm

Come join us each week for a hike around the farm.  We’ll utilize the 80-acre property for fun and exercise.

While hiking we’ll practice and proof behaviors like wait/stay, recalls, leash walking, jump up and over, and many others, as well as giving our dogs a chance to have fun in the fields. Let’s go!

Prerequisite: Peaceable Peaceable Paws Basic Good Manners Class or equivalent, or instructor approval. $150 for 6 weeks. Instructor Pat Miller

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 6pm – Cost $150 Click here to register