How do I keep my puppy from chewing on everything?!

Manage, manage, manage. A pup who is still in the chewing stage should be under constant supervision, or confined to a safe secure puppy-proofed area. Provide him with plenty of irresistible toys. The best are interactive toys such as stuffed Kongs , Buster Cubes and Roll-A-Treat Balls . A cold, frozen Kong can be especially soothing to a teething pup’s sore gums. Soft toys such as rope tugs and plush toys are also very inviting to puppy teeth. When he wants to chew on an inappropriate object, direct him toward an acceptable chew toy. If he insists on going back to the table leg, give him a cheerful “Oops! Time-out” and put him in his puppy-safe place.

The best puppy-safe places are in or near places of family activity. You pup will be very unhappy if you shut him away in an upstairs bathroom. We will be more content in his time-out place if it is a wire puppy pen set up in the middle of the den or living room, where he can still be among his human pack members.

You can also try some of the commercial no-chew sprays and creams. They work well for some pups. Others just seem to regard them as icing on the furniture cake.