Life on the Farm 5

I know I’ve about done the Maggie story to death, but I need to add that Westie Rescue did come and pick her up Saturday, and they report she’s doing well in her new foster home. They agree that her teeth are very sharp, and promise to let me know when she’s placed in her forever home.

Here are some last-minute photos of her playing tug and hanging out while we waited for Rescue to arrive:

Maggie’s favorite game – tug


Lotsa different ways to play with a tug toy


You can even play all by yourself


Have a great life, little Maggie Faith!

Other than that… IT’S HOT OUT! – in the upper 90’s the last several days – 98 here yesterday, and predicted again today, with more humidity as an added bonus. Who says there’s no global warming? We have a Level 1 Academy next week and I’m hoping it cools down some, or we will all be wasted. Academy weeks are pretty draining as it is, I can’t imagine…

Last week and this one have been a little slow, thank goodness. Our Reliable Recall class graduated last week, and it was heart-stopping to see how gorgeous Grace was, the Belgian Tervuren, stretching out full speed in response to Kristy’s call from the far side of the back hayfield. Grace ran, and ran, and ran – recall after recall, dragging a long line just in case – but she came beautifully, perfectly, every single time Kristy called her.

Shea, the Australian Shepherd, was also letter-perfect for Rhonda, and Estie’s Cattle Dog Annie, of course – Estie has a hard time getting far enough away from Annie to be able to call her!

Speaking of classes – new ones start next week. I get to teach the Downtown Hound class, and Shirley is teaching another of my favorites – Clicks for Tricks! Both are quite fun – the Downtown Hound class does two sessions on the streets of nearby Sharpsburg, with a planned stop at Nutter’s Ice Cream. We also go to the Outlet Mall, the C&O Canal, and City Park. Fun!

Last year’s Downtown Hound class at the C&O Canal

I learned something new about pigs this week – some of them “blow their coats.” I’d always heard this term in relation to show dogs… but in just 2 days Sturgis lost almost all his hair – it was coming out in handfuls! I know pigs are quite susceptible to mange, so we were a little worried, but Internet research turned up the “blow their coats” tidbit, and his hair is already growing back in quite nicely.

We take a week off from classes for major holidays, so things are really slow this week. We even have time to find some wonderful farm creatures. The first one was alive, in the barn – Maggie thought it was a great puppy toy but I rescued it and set it free. The second Paul found on the ground, at the end of its short life span, and saved it for me. Beautiful! I love having a husband who understands that a dead moth can be a wonderful gift.

Stay Cool!

Warm Woofs and Happy Training,


Harley knows how to stay cool!


In living color



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5 thoughts on “Life on the Farm

  • Viviane Arzoumanian, CPDT-KA

    I’m having puppy fever, reading about Maggie and just having sent of my foster litter of the most perfect and fabulous puppies in the world off to their forever homes two months ago. Luckily I still get to see a number of them and their Mom who all live close by.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever have a puppy of my own again. I suspect that Scooter and Toby agree totally in they opinion of puppies, and as much as I’d love a puppy I can’t do it to Toby.


    • Pat Miller

      Toby thanks you very much. Scooter was actually having severe asthma attacks the last few days Maggie was here – I think a combination of stress and heat. It’s still hot but the attacks virtually stopped with two days of her departure.

    • Pat Miller

      Thanks for the link. There are now good positive trainer almost everywhere… if you look at our trainer referral lists here on the PPaws website maybe you can find someone near you. Good luck with your pup!