Of Protests, Riots… Peonies and Peace

Welcome to Peaceable Paws!

Incredulous, aghast, heartbroken, dumbfounded… first coronavirus, now this. Watching the protests and riots on television takes me back to the 60’s when, as a child, I watched our cities burning. Have we truly come this far… only to have gone nowhere? Maybe not quite. My heart warmed to the photo of the row of white women standing shoulder-to-shoulder, shielding black protesters from the police. And the photo of police officers taking a knee in solidarity with peaceful protesters. We will get through this, too, and hopefully come out better and stronger on the other side. I know that as a privileged white person I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to live in fear of what could happen just for walking innocently down the street, or bird watching in the park. But I can stand in solidarity with brothers and sisters of all skin shades, and I will take a knee next time the I’m somewhere when the Star Spangled Banner is played. It’s the least I can do in honor of George Floyd and every other person of color who has ever been badly treated or killed by intolerant racists in our country.

Meanwhile, despite everything, life goes on here at Peaceable Paws. Private consults and group classes are starting up in the next few weeks, academies return in July, and our only workshop for the year (Brain Candy), in August. Group classes meet once a week for 6 or 7 weeks, depending on the class. Here’s the schedule:


Monday, June 15: 7:00pm, Basic Good Manners (Layne Tubby teaching)
Tuesday, June 16: 3:00pm, Basic Good Manners (Layne Tubby teaching)
Wednesday, June 17: 7:00pm, Service Dog Phase 3 (Jill Freifeld teaching)
Thursday, June 18: 7:00pm, Puppy Kindergarten (Layne Tubby teaching)
Saturday, June 20: 1:00pm Basic Good Manners (Peggy Bowers teaching)
Sunday, June 21: 1:30pm Puppy Kindergarten (Layne Tubby teaching)
Sunday, June 21: 3:30pm Basic Good Manners (Layne Tubby teaching)
Tuesday, June 23: 7:00pm, Beyond Good Manners (Layne Tubby teaching)
Thursday, June 25: 6:30pm Fidos on the Farm (Pat Miller teaching)


Upcoming academies are: July 13-18 – Basic Dog Training and Behavior; July 27-Aug 1 – Advanced Training and Behavior Study; August 3-8 Canine Cognition; August 24-29 – Canine Aggression; September 14-19 – Basic Dog Training and Behavior; October 5-10 – Canine Cognition PLUS; October 19-24 Basic Dog Training and Behavior; November 2-7 – Canine Behavior Modification; November 16-21 – Basic Dog Training and Behavior; November 30-December 5 – Canine Behavior Modification


August 15-16 – Brain Candy; Exploring Canine Cognition 


Shape Discrimination


We would to see you at one or more of these events in the upcoming months! For more information on our classes, academies or workshops, go to our website at www.peaceablepaws.com, e-mail us at info@peaceablepaws.com, or call 301-582-9420.

Miller Dog Stuff

I was proud of both of our boys this week. One of their favorite activities is going out with us to do barn chores. One evening this week as we were feeding horses, Kai streaked across the barnyard, hot on the heels of a fleeing bunny. When I called him, Kai stopped, turned around and came back to me. Good boy!! I was delighted, and yes, more than a little surprised. I should give him more credit. Sunny was in the barn but the gate was open. He doesn’t get to run free as much as Kai due to his uncontrollable propensity to run after squirrels and bunnies (plus, given his smaller size and our recent sightings of a coyote in our fields, I fear for his safety). He saw the bunny running, his eyes lit up, he started forward, and I called out, “Sunny! Wait!” Lo and behold, he stopped. Good boy!!!

By the way, here’s what your dogs might look like when they know it time to do barn chores and they don’t want to be left behind:


On the Farm

Yesterday was an exceptionally peaceful day here at PPaws – low 80’s, low humidity, with a nice, soft breeze. Our toads have started to make an appearance – one in the barn, and this one hopping past the flower beds in front of the house:


We apparently have a pair of Barred Owls nesting somewhere in our woods; I heard their distinctive “Who cooks for you, who cooks for you?” call echo across the pastures as I walked back to the house after barn chores last night. Patricia McConnell mentions the Barred Owls on her farm and remarks on their call in some of her books. You can hear their call here:

barred owl who cooks for you call


And… Peonies, peonies and more peonies! They’re nearing the end of their season, so I’m enjoying them while we can.


Finally, these gorgeous scenic clouds (and Dexter, the pig) as the sun headed for the Peaceable Paws horizon:

Stay safe, stay sane, stay well… hug your loved ones!!

Warm Woofs, ’til next time…

Pat Miller


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