Peaceable Paws Affiliate Program

Peaceable Paws Affiliate Program 2018

Benefits, Requirements and Responsibilities Agreement


I. Program Benefits
  1. Affiliates in good standing (henceforth referred to as “affiliates”) shall be permitted to use the phrase “Peaceable Paws Affiliate” in marketing and advertising.
  2. Affiliates in good standing will be listed on a “Peaceable Paws Affiliates” page of the Peaceable Paws website.
  3. Affiliates can receive up to 8 mini-counseling assistance sessions per year from Pat Miller (up to 15 minute session) at no charge.
  4. Affiliates can access Pat Miller for up to 8 in-depth behavior-case counseling assistance (more than 15-minute session) at a rate 50% of the going fee offered to the general public by Peaceable Paws, LLC. After 8 sessions, affiliates can access Pat Miller for an unlimited number of counseling sessions at 75% of the going fee.
  5. Affiliates will receive a 10% discount on future Peaceable Paws courses, and/or seminars hosted by Peaceable Paws, LLC.
  6. Affiliates will receive a 5% discount on seminar fees for any Peaceable Paws seminar they may host.
  7. Affiliates will receive a 20% discount off retail price on books and booklets offered for sale by Peaceable Paws, LLC. (This applies to books and booklets authored by Pat Miller only, not to any other books or booklets that Peaceable Paws, LLC may offer for sale to the general public.
  8. Affiliates may copy to hand out to clients (not for retail purposes) any Whole Dog Journal or Your Dog articles once those publications’ rights have expired. WDJ holds rights for 6 months. YD holds rights for 18 months prior to 2006. After 2006 YD holds First Rights only.
  9. Affiliates will receive priority consideration for any available fee-reduced working-Intern positions for future Peaceable Paws courses.


II. Affiliate Requirements and Responsibilities
  1. Affiliates shall be graduates of at least one Peaceable Paws Level 2 Academy, with a minimum passing score of 80% or higher or shall have graduated from a Peaceable Paws Level 1 Academy with a minimum score of 90% or better and at least 85% in each of the final scoring categories or shall have completed a Peaceable Paws Level 1 or higher Apprentice program,. Alternatively, Affiliates may be Certified Pet Dog Trainers (through the CCPDT) or Certified Dog Behavior Consultants (through the IAABC) who sign a statement affirming their commitment and adherence to positive training methods as advocated by Peaceable Paws.
  2. Affiliates shall pay to Peaceable Paws, LLC an annual licensing fee of $300 (three hundred dollars), due and payable on January 1 of each year, and considered delinquent if not paid by January 15 of each year. The fee shall be pro-rated by quarter for any affiliate who becomes licensed during the year. Alternatively, affiliates may pay a quarterly fee of $100 (one hundred dollars), due and payable on the 1st day of January, April, July and October, and considered delinquent if not paid by the 15th of each of those months. Peaceable Paws, LLC reserves the right to increase licensing fees, but shall not in any case increase fees mid-year.
  3. Affiliates whose licensing fees are not paid by the 15th of the month shall be considered lapsed, and all affiliate privileges will immediately be terminated, including the right to use the term “Peaceable Paws Affiliate” in marketing and advertising. If the lapsed affiliate chooses to re-active his/her status, s/he will be charged a one-time $100 reinstatement fee in addition to all other licensing fees due.
  4. Affiliates must agree to reasonably adhere to the positive training philosophies held, taught and promoted by Peaceable Paws, LLC. If it comes to the attention of Peaceable Paws, LLC that an affiliate is not adhering to those positive training philosophies, Peaceable Paws, LLC reserves the right to revoke said affiliate’s license and all benefits and privileges attached thereto, and no license fee refund shall be forthcoming.*


III. Peaceable Paws, LLC Responsibilities
  1. Peaceable Paws, LLC shall maintain an updated “Affiliates” listing on the Peaceable Paws website.
  2. Peaceable Paws, LLC shall maintain an updated price list of all Peaceable Paws books and booklets available for sale.
  3. Peaceable Paws, LLC shall exercise due diligence and fairness prior to terminating affiliate privileges as per Section II(2) above, and give the affiliate in question notice of pending termination and a minimum of 15 calendar days to respond to charges of violation of that section.
  4. Notwithstanding Section III(3), Peaceable Paws, LLC reserves the right to terminate an affiliate’s license without cause at any time, or to refuse to renew such license. If a license is revoked without cause, Peaceable Paws shall refund a pro-rated balance of said affiliate’s annual licensing fee. Furthermore, Peaceable Paws, LLC reserves the right to make adjustments to this agreement at any time, in which case the affiliate shall have 30 days to agree to the changes and return a signed copy of the revised agreement. Should an affiliate fail to agree to and return said document, his/her affiliate license shall be revoked, and Peaceable Paws, LLC shall return a pro-rated portion of the annual licensing fee.


2017 Affiliate Fees


Renewing Affiliates Click Here

If you sign up by January 15 the annual fee is $300. Otherwise, the annual fee is $400. Click Here to do so!

The prorated fee for new affiliates is based on the quarterly payment schedule and kicks in after January 15. So if you pay between:

Jan 15-March 31 the cost is $400. Click Here

April 1-June 30 the cost is $300. Click Here

July 1-September 30 the cost is $200. Click Here

October 1-December 31 the cost is $100. Click Here

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Note: If you are a lapsed affiliate and pay anytime during the year after January 15 the cost is $400.