Puppy Kindergarten Classes

New! Rolling Registrations for Puppy Kindergarten

Start your puppy out on the right paw at Peaceable Paws’ Puppy Kindergarten! This class is perfect for puppies between 8 and 18 weeks, with a focus on fun socialization, play groups with other pups, and basic training practice for dog parents!

  • This course has a rolling registration. When enrolling in the class, select the first date you will be available to attend. Each registration is for 6 consecutive sessions, perfect for boosting your puppy’s confidence during their critical socialization window. Weekly, we’ll host puppy play time, positive exposure to new things, teach a few basic cues, and tackle puppy-specific behaviors like housetraining, nipping, and chewing. Increase voluntary cooperation and strengthen your relationship.

Vaccination records must be emailed to info@peaceablepaws.com at least 24 hours in advance of the first class. Maximum 6 puppies per class.


Wednesday Puppy Kindergarten

Sunday Puppy Kindergarten