Basic Good Manners Class




Basic Good Manners/Adult Service Dog Foundations:

If you’ve ever wished your dog could be as well-mannered as a service dog, then this entry-level class for you!

Peaceable Paws’ Basic Good Manners class provides the foundation for our service dog training program and it’s open to everyone. Teach your dog basic behaviors including Sit, Down, Come, Wait, and Polite Leash Manners, as well as more advanced cues like “Say Hello” (checking in with you before greeting a person) and Leave It. Training will help your dog be a well-behaved canine citizen, strengthen your relationship with him, and increase the odds that he will be a well-loved member of your family for the rest of his life.  For dogs of any age – no dog is too old to learn!

$150 for 7 weeks. All classes will be held at the time listed below. The first class serves as an orientation and is WITHOUT DOGS.  Maximum 6 dogs per class.  Instructor: Jill Freifeld

No refunds will be given after the class begins.

Monday Night Classes – are at 7:30pm – Classes start on July 8th and Oct. 7th, 2019

Thursday Night Classes – are at 6pm – Classes start on Aug. 1st and Oct. 31st, 2019

Additional information

Dates July 8, 2019, August 1, 2019, October 7, 2019, October 31, 2019