Basic Good Manners Class




If you and your dog missed out on Basic Good Manners training, we have good news – it’s not too late! In this class the two of you will learn sit, down, wait, walk away, polite leash walking, and many more that are important for a dog to know in order to be a well-behaved canine citizen. Training improves communication between you and your dog, strengthens your relationship, and increases the odds that he will be a well-loved member of your family for the rest of his life. For dogs over 20 weeks and up.

$150 for 7 weeks. All classes will be held at the time listed below. The first class serves as an orientation and is WITHOUT DOGS.  Maximum 6 dogs per class.  Instructor: Jill Freifeld

Thursday Night Classes – 6:00pm

Monday Night Classes – 7:30pm

Additional information

Dates May 3, 2018 to June 21, 2018, June 4, 2018 to July 23, 2018