Beyond Manners / SD3




Beyond Manners/Service Dog 3 class includes:

Prerequisite: Graduation from Advanced Manners/Service Dog 2.

  • Continuing the behaviors learned in Basic Good Manners/Adult Service Dog Foundations, Intermediate Manners/Adult Service Dog 1 & Advanced Manners/Service Dog 2
  • Increasingly challenging Polite Greetings, including ignoring offered treats
  • Learning to target with paws
  • Continued work on Leave It, Stay, and Heel
  • Building duration, distance and distractions for Go to Place and Under
  • Incorporating sits and downs in Side position
  • Maintaining focus while working in proximity to other dogs
  • Cueing sit and down from a distance
  • Introducing tasks specific to handler’s needs

Graduation requirements to qualify for Service Dog 4:

    • Attend at least four out of six classes
    • Down/Stay while handler moves ten feet away and chats with someone
    • Stay with major distractions
    • Under for three minutes
    • Heel with major distractions
    • Side combined with Sit and Down
    • Automatically sit and focus on handler when approached, as well as ignore offered attention or treats

6-week class. Each class is 60 minutes. 6 dog limit per class. Instructor: Jill Freifeld


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Dates October 8, 2019