Do Over Dogs: Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life


Do-Over Dogs; Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Lifeis all about taking dogs who have been rehomed – through shelters and rescue groups, cruelty and hoarder cases, found stray or adopted from a friend or family member – and doing the right things to ensure that they finally find their lifelong home. The book includes chapters on bringing the new dog home to give her the best introduction to her new life, as well chapters on modifying unwanted behaviors. Be the first in your dog community to get it!

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What exactly is a Do-Over Dog? It might be a shelter dog you’re working with to become more adoptable. It might be the dog you’ve adopted, rescued, or even picked up running loose who is now yours to live with and love.forever. Or it might be the dog you’ve lived with for years but find he still has “issues” that make him a less-than-desirable companion.

A Do-Over Dog is a dog that you think needs-make that deserves-a second chance in life.

Noted author and trainer Pat Miller has spent her life working with both people and shelter dogs, family dogs, and dogs with behavior problems. In her newest book she shares the wisdom of her years in the field of force-free, positive dog training to help give people and pets a first class life-together. It’s not too late to begin again!

  • Learn how to do an assessment of any dog in order to anticipate his behavior and training needs.
  • Find out how to make the best use of the “Honeymoon Period” when it’s easier to teach new behaviors and establish good habits.
  • Learn the best way to deal with problem behaviors that are common in Do-Over Dogs including fear, resource guarding and separation anxiety.
  • Get educated about using a combination of positive training and common sense management techniques to bring the best out in your new dog.

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