Phase 3 – Peaceable Paws Partners Service Dog Training




Peaceable Paws Partners Service Dog Training – Phase 3

Prerequisite: Graduation from PPP Phase 2.

PPP Phase 3 class includes:

  • Continuing the behaviors learned in Basic Good Manners, PPP Phase 1 and PPP Phase 2 classes
  • Introducing task training specific to handler’s needs
  • Increasingly challenging Polite Greetings, including ignoring offered treats
  • Incorporating Sit and Down during walks in Side position
  • How to properly fade the use of treats
  • Increasing duration and distractions during Under
  • Go to Place next steps, including increased duration, distance, and distractions
  • Sharpening training skills through “blind” and distance cues
  • How to effectively use praise to reinforce behavior

Graduation requirements to enroll in PPP Phase 4:

  • Attend at least five out of six classes
  • Leave It with various objects, food, merchandise, and people
  • Sit and focus on handler when approached, ignore petting and offered treats
  • Side combined with Sit and Down
  • Under for three minutes
  • Distance Sit with handler five feet away
  • Down-Stay with handler out of sight for 30 seconds
  • Go to Place on verbal cue and remain there for two minutes
  • Additional requirements may be included according to handler-specific task training

6-week class. Each class is 60 minutes. 6 dog limit per class. Instructor: Jill Freifeld


Additional information

Dates March 11, 2020 to April 15, 2020