Treibball Workshop




In Treibball, dogs learn to herd large balls (surrogate sheep) into a pen, handlers learn distance work, directing the dog to go out and around the “flock”, wait for directions, go left or right and drive the ball into the pen.
This two-day workshop will explore the basics of “ball driving” and introduce dog and handler to the skills needed to play Treibball or compete in the sport.
Ball herding or Treibball is for all types of dogs, especially herding dogs and ball crazy dogs. Much like sheep herding, ball herding or “treibball” is perfect for the dog who needs a job.

Prerequisites: Dogs must have good basic skills (minimum of Basic Good Manners or equivalent) to participate. Dogs can be as young as 5 months, assuming they are reliable with their basic good manners behaviors. Dogs may be working off leash together in class, so they must be dog friendly. Handlers will need to bring one 6 to 14-inch hard plastic ball for this workshop. (Hard plastic jolly balls are available at


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Auditor, Participant

Dates June 24, 2018 to June 25, 2018