Veterinary Cooperative Care: Enhancing Animal Health Through Collaboration with Veterinarians, Pet Owners, and Animal Trainers


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Many pet owners consider vet visits to be quite stressful and traumatic, but there is an emerging alternative that can dramatically improve those experiences for everyone. Cooperative care is based on the concept of providing as much information as possible to help all parties involved understand how to recognize stress in their animal clients, how to offset that stress using force-free training and management methods, provide a calming physical environment, and encourage the participation of both pet owners and trainers. With thirteen chapters, each written by experts in their fields and based on up-to-date research, Veterinary Cooperative Care seeks to equip the veterinary staff and their clients with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure that everyone looks forward to their next visit to the vet!

What experts are saying about Veterinary Cooperative Care:

Cooperative Care is the most important modern veterinary care buzzword. This amazing group of expert authors has captured the importance of recognizing and preventing fear, anxiety and stress, and they provide great examples of body language, facial expression, and communication signals that can help a clinician identify how a pet is feeling. This book offers valuable advice to relieve patient stress throughout their entire experience, from arrival to the clinic, examination and returning home; with tips for future visits and how to create a calm experience during end of life protocols. It is a must-read for every veterinary professional so we can finally standardize the respect and care that our animal family members need.
Amy Learn VND, DACVB

If you are a veterinary professional, a behavior consultant/trainer, or a pet parent who wants to ensure pets get the best health care possible, this book is for you! Whether you want to learn how to teach pets to cooperate in their care, how to communicate with them and understand what they are trying to tell us, or how to treat their emotional health, this book has it all.

What an amazing book! This work is packed full of useful and important information about cooperative care. In addition, it pulls together the sometimes diverse communities of veterinary professionals, animal trainers, and owners in an inclusive way. There’s so much we can do to make physical care easier and more comfortable for our companion animals, and this book is a fantastic resource. As someone who cares deeply about the experiences of our animals during both necessary and routine care, I highly recommend this work. This one definitely needs to be in every animal lover’s library!
Deborah Jones, Ph.D.

Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA is a pioneer in the force-free training movement, owner of Peaceable Paws LLC in Fairplay, MD, a dog training and behavior consulting practice, and is the author of numerous best-selling dog training and behavior books.

Dr. Leslie Sinn, CPDT-KA, DVM, DACVB a board certified veterinary behaviorist, owns and operates Behavior Solutions LLC in Ashburn, VA with a focus on helping clients address behavioral problems in all species. She is also a sought after author and speaker on a variety of behavior topics.

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