Seminar Services

Peaceable Paws is proud to offer seminars on a broad range of subjects for a wide variety of dog owners, trainers, and animal shelters. We can also custom-design a seminar to meet your needs. For our complete seminar package of information, contact us at:, or call 301-582-9420.

Basic Clicker Training
Learn about this dog-friendly training method that utilizes scientific principles of behavior and learning. Know why your dog works, not just how.

Advanced Clicker Training
Use your clicker skills to go beyond basic training with your dog. Teach complex behaviors such as Retrieve, Advanced Targeting, Advanced Shaping, 101 Things To Do With Just About Anything…

Multi-Species Clicking
If it has a central nervous system, you can clicker train it. Learn how to apply this fun and effective training technique to cats, small companion animals, reptiles, birds, livestock and more.

Clicks for Tricks!
It’s all tricks! Have buckets of fun teaching dogs to Commando Crawl, Take A Bow, Play the Piano, Skateboard, Say Your Prayers, Pigs in a Blanket, High Five, and many more!

Teaching Clicker Classes
Learn how to structure a beginning clicker class and use your training skills to teach others to Click!

Clicking for Competition
Use clicker training to refine your dog’s performance for the Rally or Obedience arena – add points and half-points to your scores by shaping straighter sits and fronts, tighter finishes, faster recalls and better attitudes.

The Shape of Things to Come (1-3 day Shaping Camps)
Shaping simply means breaking a behavior down into little pieces so the dog can succeed, and building the pieces into the final behavior. It’s great fun! Pick a behavior – any behavior, decide if it’s most appropriate for free shaping, micro shaping, lure shaping, prompt shaping – and be amazed by the complex behaviors your dog can do. Explore Karen Pryor’s 10 Laws of Shaping, practice object discrimination, improve competition Rally and Obedience scores, and teach your dog tricks to amaze your friends.

Reactive Rovers (1-3 day Reactive Camps – appropriate environment required)
Why are we seeing so many reactive dogs these days? More importantly, how can we make life with these Reactive Rovers easier, for us and for them?

Body Talk
Our social structures are similar, but our body languages are very different. Discover how to send the right messages to your dogs, and how to use body talk to your best advantage for training and relationship purposes.

Bite Me!
Dogs who bite are a risk to families, visitors, and the community at large. You can use gentle, positive training methods and management to reduce, sometimes even eliminate the risks presented by an aggressive dog.

Solving and Managing Behavior Problems
Apply the principles of behavior and learning to resolve problem behaviors without the use of force. It’s easier than you think…!

Working With Shelters and Shelter Dogs, and Rescue Groups
This can be the most frustrating and yet rewarding work you’ve ever done. Learn how to approach shelter administration and staff to improve your chances of having your training and behavior program be accepted and successful. Learn what not to do and say to avoid pushing shelter buttons. Discuss philosophies about euthanasia, hoarders, rescues, and limited admittance (“no-kill”) versus full-service shelters. Share feelings about euthanasia, and your own past experiences in shelter training work.

Personality Profiles: Making Shelter/Rescue Dogs More Adoptable
All good shelters and rescue groups evaluate their adoption dogs before making them available to public in order to avoid unnecessary risks and to make the best adoption matches. Learn how to use an important tool that can help you make the best adoption choices.

Good Manners/Color Coding for Shelter/Rescue Dogs, Staff and Volunteers
A shelter is stressful for dogs. With this program, originally developed at the Marin Humane Society, you can reduce kennel stress and actually help your adoption dog behaviors improve while they stay at your shelter or rescue home.

Custom Seminars
Talk to me about your training needs – we can design custom seminars that focus on your specific area of interest.