Shirley Greenlief, CPDT-KA, PMCT1

I grew up in a small town in West Virgina, and have always been very close to the animals in my life. In the early days, neighbors and friends were miles away so I turned to the animals for friendship and understanding. Living in the country, we found and raised various critters over the years. It wasn’t uncommon to see groundhogs, squirrels and raccoons running around the house from time to time. I enjoyed caring for and learning from each one.  Barn cats, house cats, hounds, chickens and the occasional cow, I could always be found hanging out with the animals.

In 2006, after being in the business world for many years, I was ready for a career change. I found my way to Peaceable Paws as the Administrative Assistant and have not looked back. When I found Pat Miller I was quickly drawn into the world of force-free, dog friendly training.  Since then I’ve had my hands in all things Peaceable Paws, from handling the administrative needs and teaching classes to coaching people in our Academies and Workshops.  I earned my PMCT1 (Pat Miller Certified Trainer) Certification in 2008, followed by my CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed) certification in 2009. 

I believe my teaching style is animated and entertaining, while putting the focus on having fun with your dog!  One of the most rewarding things about my experience at Peaceable Paws is the look in the eyes of a dog (in that wonderful moment) when they first “get it.”  That moment is always glorious and feeds the passion for what I do.

My home is in Martinsburg, West Virginia with my 3 dogs, (Gretel, Myah and Cassie), 2 cats ( Hairy and grAycat), and 1 husband (James). I enjoy spending time with them all. (and James says…in that order).